Free Article Submission Sites 2021 – Instant Approval

Free Article Submission Sites

Are you searching for high-quality free article submission sites for instant approval and free submission? The article submission website is the most desired OFF-Page search engine optimization(SEO) strategy that can help you to Increases your business credibility.

In this article, we’re going to tell What are Article Submission social media sites, the Advantages of Article Submission Sites, How to Submit an Article or blog in Article Submission social media Sites? And everything you need to know about article submission. Also, share the list of the topmost article submission social media sites in which you could publish your article for free. So let us see what are article submission sites.

What are Article Submission Sites?

It is an off-page search engine optimization (SEO) method in which you write the article and publish it on a third-party social media website. They are one of the safest forms for making big DoFollow oneway links directing your blogs or websites. It also assists in improving site traffic and increases the value of domain authority.

It is also said to give specific and good quality content to the article directories to get final authority and PageRank backlinks. By publishing the articles to article directories, you will quickly get a few backlinks on your blog.

Article submission also can be said to be a part of content marketing and a technique through which you write articles or content related to your business, after which you could upload them to renowned article submission social media sites. Usually, in article submission, people write articles that are related to the online product.

Free Article Submission Sites 2021 List

Here is a list of Free Instant Approval Article Submission social media sites:

Here are some more details about Free Instant Approval Free Article Submission sites.

#1 This is a premium instant approval article submission social media site. This site allows you to publish your content online to multiple social media sites. It harbors a well-maintained list of articles and there are indeed many categories that make this service very interesting. The best thing about is that it is free. Yes, you heard it right. You need not pay for publishing your content and even better is that you get a substantial audience for your content. Make sure you check this social media site to publish your content.

Click here to join to start growing your social media network.

#2 It is the most famous article publishing website. You can publish your article for free right here. This site has a high rating which makes sure that your article gets traffic.

#3 Vocal: It is a place where creators can submit stories on topic-specific communities and earn money based on the engagement of their stories. Users earn every time their posts are read and also can gather one-off hints from their readers.

It’s free for anyone to sign in and start earning; however, there are also paid membership options that will help you earn even more. Vocal’s community websites are also SEO-friendly, and they have nine million monthly readers who come to the website and visit the groups they are interested in.

#4 In content or an article promotion, there may be no other platform than ezine. This site gives plenty of content to its readers, and that is why this site has a huge viewer. This makes the site famous for content publishing and advertising activities. Publishing your content right here will definitely get you a good audience base.

#5 It is a free Blog, Articles, and Press Release Distribution site. In paid services, iSnare is the topmost of the competition. With a fee of 2USD, you get to submit your content on more than 2000 web pages. It receives even better. The more credit you buy, the cheaper this article submission service becomes. There is simply one drawback, though. Publishing your content here may take weeks.

 #6 Another free service, lets you submit your content online, and this is also one of the excellent article submission sites available. The website houses a number of subjects, and because of this, your content could have more room for acceptance.

#7 This site is one of the well-known sites among authors and readers alike. Similar to This site also has a big article base and lots of visitors as well. The excellent part: it is free.

#8 Undoubtedly, one of the excellent mediums of link building is the one provided by Google. It is a page creation tool that lets you add content and substance to your blog, all without a single charge. What’s greater is this page has been ranked #1 when it comes to submission websites.

Advantages of Free Article Submission Sites

In today’s time, companies use several strategies to increase the website’s popularity and develop organic traffic. Some of the primary strategies used by them are emails, SEO, social media advertising, etc. Techniques used depend on the type of audience that the company wants to attract.

In any of the techniques you use, content is the biggest part of marketing for article sites. As, without strong content material, it’s far not possible to attract people’s attention. Therefore improving the blog quality is essential, and article submission sites help to do that.

Here are a few more perks of article submission sites:

1. Free Internet Marketing: Most of the blog or article submission websites allow you to add links that can be directed blog in the article content. This way, you will be able to advertise your products with free marketing media. Plus, it would also assist you in getting more quality and authoritative links on your blogs.

2. Rises Traffic: The links you upload in the author bio box help increase your site visitors. When the article gets approved by the site owner, you may get high-quality conversion traffic to your blog. For getting more clients and viewers, you can share or repost the content on numerous social media sites.

3. Increases your business credibility: The article submission website also gives you an option to represent your business by the author bio-box at the lowest end of the body of the article or blog. You can put the keywords-related description for marketing your products. In this box, you can also upload a hyperlink back to your blog.

Thus, if you publish your blog or article on a third-party site and add an author bio with an external link to your site, it helps increase the domain authority. This could help you as it lets people know about your business.

4. Generate sales and leads: With the help of an article submission website, you’ll generate sales fast and leads to your blog.

How to Submit an Article or blog in Free Article Submission Sites?

Article submission way in those websites in which account registration is required.

The Only Step – Go to the site and find the registration page/login, then sign up. You can select login through third party access as well; some of the blog or article submission sites have login facilities like login through Gmail, Facebook, Twitter &, etc.

Step 2 – After sign in, you can publish your article on your interested topic category.

The process to Submit an Article

  • Research sites other than the sites I have provided and sign in yourself.
  • Create a network on those websites, complete your profile and upload every single detail.
  • Submit your article by filling the form in order to have fields like Title. Author box, category and article body.
  • Read the whole guidelines before filing the article to get fast approval.
  • Upload applicable images.

Things to remember before submitting to Free Article Submission sites

  • Do not submit content that is filled with Keywords
  • Do not submit content that has very low word counts. Try to write 800 to 1000 words of content, as lengthy content pass more value to search engines (SEO).
  • Give lots of reference links. Don’t put Wikipedia links or any news websites link as reference links. Wikipedia is a site in which content is user generated, and in news sites, you can trust all things. So better to give reference from the sites which is dedicated to that topic or subject. For example: If you’re posting content on “Rover Curiosity on Mars”, then you must deliver reference links from the NASA official website. Not from any News site where any news was published on the “Rover Curiosity on Mars”.
  • Link your focused website smartly. In your long article or blog of 800 or 1000 words, you must give plenty of reference links and in-between those, you must place your focused website link smartly, so it seems really not promotional.
  • Write content that is informative for the readers, don’t write direct promotional stuff.
  • Don’tDon’t submit content that looks flat, boring. Write content with heading, subheadings and bullet points.

How To Use search engine optimization(SEO) Sites For Submission Of Article

It is essential to decide whether the company wants to use only the paid entry or free entry, or a mixture of both, and how much finances is reserved if you use a paid quote. Create a list of websites submitting articles to follow so that you can submit one or two links. To publish articles, study the regulations and rules.

  • Register on sites with the correct information about your website and company, wait for your account to be approved by the site administrator.
  • Upon acceptance of your account, search the site to study the numerous categories and get an idea, customize the class that fits your platform.
  • Build original and unique website material and not printed elsewhere.
  • Make sure you don’t spam it with links to your pages and follow the site regulations and rules.
  • Carefully complete the content submission form, upload the records, preview your entry, then store it correctly once you make sure all the information is correct.
  • Once the administrator has submitted and accepted your submit, keep a close eye on Google Analytics.
  • Take benefit of this if the site allows you to post your message on other networks, which includes social networking sites.
  • Hold your content safe from spam.
  • Try to write one excellent weekly post.
  • Price of article presentation at SEO.

How an Article Should be – Hints for a Good Article:

You need to remember a few important factors while submitting an article:-

  1. The article needs to be unique and need to have some relevant information.
  2. Always write content suitable keywords in the article.
  3. Make the article crisp, short and to the point.
  4. All the titles and tags used should be easily detectable by the internet crawler.
  5. Always use sub-headings, headings, bullet points, numbers because that makes it   user-friendly for readers.
  6. Don’t publish the same article in different directories as it can create article duplicity.

How could I know if my article was approved?

We use different mail accounts for each customer, and we provide our customers with the mail account information. So you can check if the article was approved on the mail account. Usually, all articles are approved within a week.


The main reason behind Article Submission through digital marketing is to attract a wider audience and to enhance a site or blog’s search engine rankings. Article submission or Guest Posting is one of the most famous, efficient, and effective off-page techniques included in search engine optimization(SEO).

Another reason why article submission is so famous is the fact that it charges no money, i.e., it is free of cost. This search engine optimization strategy helps you improve your search engine ranking without any costs and is actually effective.

Hence, you can truly make a blast after having a great number of followers on this complete list of visitor blogging platforms!

Hope you liked our Best Free Article Submission Sites – Instant Approval for guest posting submission.

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